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What to See at Dark Mofo

This is the music, art and culture festival with a twist. Ironically, programmed just after Sydney's vivid, it is a light festival - sort of… but the light is dark and creepy. It’s like one big Halloween party on the streets of Hobart. Which means lots of outfits ideas inspired by the artworks and installations. But, Hobart is cold in June. So you’ll have to be creative with layers. Here are some tips on where to go and what you should wear.

Impostor Syndrome – who are you and why are you damaging my self-esteem?!

She’s worth $400 million and featured in the Forbes 100 list but JLo – as in the Jennifer Lopez – once said, “even though I had sold 70 million albums, there I was feeling like, I’m no good at this.” Impostor syndrome. You can probably relate to experiencing it at least once in your life – a creeping feeling of dread, which comes up at the moment you definitely don’t need it, it can, annoyingly, come from setting such high goals for yourself. When you get there, you're in disbelief.