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Collecting art with heart

Art can make a home, especially original pieces with stories to tell. But even for the most avid art-lover, starting or adding to a collection can come with accessibility and affordability woes. Until now. A new type of contemporary art market has emerged over the past couple of years – one that grants easy access to the artworks, whether by reducing costs or breaking down the barriers between artist and buyer. Here are some galleries enabling ownership and supporting artists at a grassroots level.

In the studio: Thea Anamara Perkins

“. . . it’s the vulnerable parts of myself and others that I want to engage with.” Art Almanac sat down with recent La Prairie Art Award winner Thea Anamara Perkins who uses personal narratives in her highly detailed paintings that challenge misconceptions. The Sydney-based artist has just moved from her studio at Carriageworks Clothing Store into a home/portable studio in anticipation of a year of travelling, seeing art, and developing her technical skills.

Tony Albert on the overlap between art and activism

After the horrific bushfire season of 2019-20, conceptual artist Tony Albert invited audiences to rejuvenate the landscape differently. One that considered the effects of colonisation in both the environment and for those who had lived here for thousands of years. Titled ‘Healing Land, Remembering Country’, it was commissioned for the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, inside a greenhouse on Cockatoo Island (a former prison). Albert asked audiences to write an alternative narrative for children and young people who are incarcerated in Australia onto paper filled with Kangaroo grass seeds, before being planted back into the earth as a healing, holistic rejuvenation project.
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