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Billy Bain

Billy Bain is an emerging artist who engages with ceramics, painting and printmaking to unpack ideologies surrounding Australian masculinity, taking agency in his Indigenous identity after growing up on Sydney’s Eurocentric Northern Beaches. In his upcoming solo exhibition ‘Blokes’ at .M Contemporary, the artist will be exploring these concepts in darkly humoured mini ‘men’ clay figures who are grisly, raw and unapologetically themselves.

Portraits Project

When Manly Art Gallery & Museum (MAG&M) were considering their shows for the ninetieth anniversary of the gallery, they wanted to highlight the contemporary artists who have contributed to exhibitions in recent times. One avenue they realised they hadn’t explored was portraiture. ‘We know there's such interest with so many prizes around Australia focused on portraiture, and we've never tapped into it,’ says Senior Curator Katherine Roberts.