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Sally Rees: CRONE

In 2020, three landmark exhibitions were set to open recognising an artist working in Australia through ‘The Suspended Moment: The Katthy Cavaliere Fellowship’. On 18 June 2021, the Mona iteration finally opens with Hobart-based artist Sally Rees’ ‘CRONE’. Taking shape as an installation of 17 screens, featuring hand-painted animations that communicate through ‘bird-like calls’, forming the ‘crone-dome’, the exhibition reflects on both Rees and Cavaliere’s exploration of the self and the other side of femininity that rejects conformist notions of womanhood.

Kate Mitchell: All Auras Touch

‘All Auras Touch’ is an exhibition by Kate Mitchell on view at Carriageworks this summer. Mitchell is using the main occupations list from the census data to form the framework of the project. The audience is invited to sit for the artist who will take their portrait with the AuraCam 6000 – which makes a visual representation of each participant’s aura field. The exhibition will colourfully capture the census data that transcends the noun we use to describe ourselves.